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2018 PRO RMK 155 now available at Guy's. This sled is in excellent shape, with only 514 miles and 28 hours on the engine. The previous owner installed a BoonDocker turbo kit as well. The sled also comes with handguards, a low rise wind deflector, PIDD gauge and has Walker Evans adjustable shocks.


The 800 PRO-RMK 155 is the lightest, strongest, most flickable deep snow sled on the market. The #1 selling mountain snowmobile features the lightweight AXYS chassis and 800 H.O. Cleanfire engine, which deliver the industry's best power-to-weight ratio, giving the rider instantaneous lift and immediate response.


Patented Raised AXYS® RMK® Chassis
The AXYS® RMK® features a patented, raised chassis that increases clearance and reduces drag to keep you on top of the snow. The AXYS RMK chassis, purpose built for mountain riding, allows for improved sidehilling, faster and easier climbing, and instantaneous lift allowing the sled to pop onto the snow faster. The aluminum overstructure is lightweight and durable for all types of riding. Taller spindles increases clearance to reduce drag.

Rear Suspension
The lightweight, rigid rear suspension design features revised geometry to control pitch. This improves weight transfer, delivering better control and a more compliant ride. The rigid suspension delivers power directly to the snow. Off-trail, riders will notice improved weight transfer while maintaining the approach angle. On-Trail, riders will notice a more compliant and comfortable ride. The rear suspension features a rail design that helps lift the rear skid while driving it forward.

Proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine
Developed in conjunction with the AXYS platform, the proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine delivers +10% increase in power-to-weight ratio and quicker throttle response to generate instantaneous lift. The integrated mounting position optimizes the balance of the chassis. Featuring:

  • Grooved piston for improved durability and engine life
  • 3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust valves for increased power and responsiveness
  • Electronic oil pump for reduced throttle effort and improved durability
  • Thermostat with bypass warms up to operating temperature 40% faster and improves durability
  • High-efficiency intake and exhaust for improved breathability, which increases power
  • Exclusive VForce Reeds for more power and improved reed life
  • Lightweight crankshaft that's more durable, 2.5 lbs lighter and has 25% less inertia

3-Stage Electronically-Controlled Exhaust Valves
3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust valves provide improved running quality, crisper throttle response, smoother idle and improved fuel economy. The active feedback for the exhaust valve position provides more accurate fueling in transient situations. These exhaust valves also improve combustion stability, leading to improved durability and engine life.

Electronic Oil Pump
Electronic oil pump eliminates power-robbing gear drive – and provides more precise, improved oil delivery for performance and durability as well as a 35% reduction in throttle effort. Requires no adjustments.

High-Efficiency Intake and Exhaust
Porous intake duct material and high-flow exhaust system create a better breathing engine package for more power. The silencer provides reduced sound levels.

VForce Reeds
Provide improved performance, throttle response, and reed durability.

Lightweight Crankshaft
Lightweight crankshaft weighs 2.5 lbs less, delivering 25% lower inertia and quicker throttle response and spooling. This provides improved acceleration. Designed and engineered specifically for the 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine for increased durability, this same lightweight crankshaft is used in Polaris Race sleds since the 2013-14 and 2014-15 season, showing it's proven durability.

800 H.O. Grooved Piston

  • Exhaust side grooves improve oil distribution
  • Enhanced oiling improves piston & cylinder durability
  • Design reduces friction & wear, improves efficiency & power

MY18 800 Cleanfire H.O. Engine Updates

  • New thermostat provides
    • Lower operating temperature, 110º F (43.3º C) vs. 125º F (51.6º C) for improved overheat margin and more consistent engine operation
    • Increases main circuit flow by 12 percent; increases bypass flow by 9 percent
    • New thermostat will come on all 2018 snowmobiles with the 800 H.O. Cleanfire engine
  • More durable exhaust gas temp sensor (EGT) providing over 200 percent life improvement
    • Improved connector
    • More durable sensing element
    • Matched to new ECU
  • Sealed cross-shaft cavity crankcases provide additional lubrication and increased durability on both 600 and 800 Cleanfire H.O. engines
  • Improved MAG end seal provides better sealing and increased durability on both 600 and 800 Cleanfire H.O. engines

Polaris® Series 6 2.6" Track
The Polaris® exclusive Series 6 2.6" track provides the ultimate all mountain performance. The new lightweight track is designed for improved deep snow and hard pack traction and better lift.

QuickDrive™ Low Inertia Drive System
The QuickDrive™ Low Inertia System is designed to make the sled rev quicker for instantaneous lift and reduces rotational inertia by 21% for easier handling and flickability.Not simply a belt-drive, it is a complete lightweight drive system — featuring an extruded drive shaft, lightweight brake, RMK-specific brake caliper and of course the most visible piece of the system — a maintenance-free belt drive that requires no oil or tensioner system. The complete system reduces rotational inertia by 21% which means 5lb. less effort when carving.

Walker Evans® Shocks
PRO-RMKs come standard with Walker Evans® Monotube Shocks. During SnowCheck, there is a choice of premium Walker Evans® Piggyback Clicker Shocks or the Walker Evans® Monotube Shocks. The Walker Evans® Piggyback Clicker Shocks with compression adjusters and remote reservoirs offers the best performance across the broadest range of conditions. The Walker Evans® Monotube Impact-Extruded Shocks are the lightest weight shock option from Polaris for those riders counting ounces. The one-piece, simple design is lightweight yet durable. NEW updates for MY18 for the Monotube Shocks include all new valving with “Hi Flow” Walker Evans pistons on the Front Suspension and Rear Track Shock that delivers less bottoming in the big bumps while maintaining a supple initial feel on the trail.


Legendary RMK Balance
The patented AXYS® chassis delivers the RMK’s renowned perfect balance that riders have come to expect. The AXYS RMK offers increased, ultimate control and a more compliant ride.

AXYS® Body Panel Design
The AXYS® RMK® features a compact body panel geometry and design that helps give the sled the best lean angle in the industry allowing it to hold even the steepest sidehill lines. RMK does not "Panel Out" like other competitors.


Lightweight - 408 lbs.
Polaris snowmobiles are the lightest sleds on the mountain. Polaris®mountain sleds have always been light AND rigid, and Polaris has added strength & durability while reducing weight on the RMK® AXYS® platform. Polaris uses design optimization software to analyze the loads and stress points for various systems and components of the snowmobile which allows the team to design lightweight yet durable snowmobiles. Providing riders with instantaneous lift, Polaris sleds help riders get up on top of the snow faster due to the lighter weight, increase in power from the 800 H.O. Cleanfire® Engine, Polaris-exclusive track designs and the raised chassis.

Forged Aluminum A-Arms
The one-piece, forged a-arms are lighter (approximately 1.5 lbs lighter) while providing optimal strength. Forging is widely used and proven through the automotive industry. This design reduces unsprung mass leading to a better ride quality and increased maneuverability.

PowderTrac™ Running Boards
The PowderTrac™ running boards have been developed for maximum snow clean out and maximum strength. Built from extruded aluminum with bonded cast lugs, they boast an open area of over 50% and integrated traction that is machined in for sure footed performance. There is now additional open space at the back of the boards by the rear pad to reduce snow build up.


PRO-Lite Seat
Mountain snowmobiling requires a different seat design and that is what Polaris delivers. The seat is shorter to allow you to easily swing a leg and hop over from one side of the snowmobile to the other.

LED Lights
All models built on the AXYS® platform feature standard LED headlights. LED headlights deliver the industry’s best lighting:

  • Nearly 1 lb. lighter and high beams are 80% brighter than incandescent lighting.
  • Color temperature or output of the lights (the “whiteness” of light, reported in Kelvin) is 5000K, closely matching daylight.
  • LED headlights last the entire lifetime of the sled. A major durability enhancement over traditional incandescent headlights which experience filament burn out.
  • For constant visibility and enhanced safety, the low beams remain on at all times. Even when the high beam is activated, there is never a period of no light.

Mountain Hoop
Re-designed in 2016, the mountain hoop is more ergonomic and has been moved down 2.5" to prevent hitting the rider in the chest when in steeper terrain. Now a one-piece stylized design, the mountain hoop is made of a durable polyurethane material.

These lightweight brakes feature a fixed 2 piston opposed caliper design for an improved and quicker braking response and feel. The brake pad material features higher thermal properties to provide more optimal wear over time.

MessageCenter Gauge
Informative and easy to read, this instrumentation keeps a rider aware of sled operating conditions and provides a wealth of additional data.

  • Easily viewable LCD screen, 4.3"" diagonal measurement
  • Scrolling message center keeps rider informed
  • Increased number of tell tales by over 60%
  • Large buttons can be operated with gloved hands
  • Brightly lit display is easily readable in all light conditions

Polaris Interactive Digital Display
Another industry first for Polaris - the most advanced instrumentation in snowmobiling. This 4.3" high resolution, full color, LCD digital display provides a rider with information including:

  • Sled performance: Speedometer, tachometer, dual tripmeters, average speed, max speed, engine/trip hours & odometer Sled operating conditions: Coolant temperature, diagnostics & maintenance warnings
  • Riding conditions: Air temperature, time of day in 12 or 24-hour clock format
  • Bluetooth™ functionality: Enables the gauge to communicate with the rider’s cell phone and provide notification of incoming calls or texts. Displays phone battery & signal strength
  • GPS/Mapping Capability: A compass is standard, & full-featured GPS canbe installed to provide directions & information about services such as fuel, restaurants, lodging & Polaris dealerships. Customize the GPS to operate with North Up or Course Up navigation depending on your preference
  • Ride Planning Feature enables you to plan a ride using Ride Command, save it as a GPX file, and transfer it to the display through the USB interface
  • This gauge comes as an option on some SnowCheck models, and is available as an accessory option


Integrated Storage Solutions
Optional, accessory storage was designed and developed right along with the AXYS RMK® platform, so it installs securely and features seamless, integrated styling that matches the sled’s design lines. Polaris Engineered with the highest quality of materials. Shop Storage

  • Status:
  • Vehicle:
    2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 155
  • VIN:
  • Model Number:
  • Location:
    Guy's Outdoor Motorsports & Marine
  • Warranty:
    As Is


  • Brake Brand Name:
    AXYS® RMK®
  • Rear Brake Type:
    Hydraulic Disc


  • Adjustable:
  • Heated Hand Grip Location:


  • Lug Height (in):
  • Lug Height (mm):
  • Number Of Tracks:
  • Track Brand:
    Series 6
  • Track Length (in):
  • Track Length (mm):
  • Track Width (in):
  • Track Width (mm):


  • Bore (in):
  • Bore (mm):
  • Carburetion Type:
    Fuel Injected
  • Cooling:
  • Cylinders:
  • Displacement (cc):
  • Displacement (ci):
  • Engine Brand Name:
  • Engine Stroke:
  • Engine Type:
    Horizontal In-line
  • Fuel Injector:
  • Fuel Requirements:
  • Fuel Type:
    Gas / Oil Injected
  • Starter:
  • Stroke (in):
  • Stroke (mm):
  • Valve Configuration:
    Reed Valve


  • Belt Guard:
  • Body Material:
  • Floor Board Location:
  • Frame Brand:
  • Frame:
  • Skag Material:
  • Ski Material:
  • Skid Resistant:
  • Snow Guard:


  • Height:
  • Tinted:


  • Fuel Level Warning Type:
  • Temperature Warning Type:


  • Type:


  • Number Of Seats:
  • Seat Location:
  • Seat Material:
  • Seat Type:


  • Steering Control:
  • Steering Type:


  • Adjustment Type:
    Shock Mounted Adjustment
  • Adjustment Type:
    Shock Mounted Adjustment
  • Center Shock Absorber Brand:
    Walker Evans®
  • Center Shock Absorber Type:
    Gas IFP Shock
  • Coil Over Shock:
  • Front Shock Absorber Brand:
    Walker Evans®
  • Front Shock Absorber Type:
    Gas IFP Shock
  • Front Suspension Brand Name:
    AXYS® RMK®
  • Front Suspension Type:
    Independent A-Arm
  • Front Travel (in):
  • Front Travel (mm):
  • Number Rear Shock Absorbers:
  • Rear Shock Absorber Brand:
    Walker Evans®
  • Rear Shock Absorber Type:
    Gas IFP Shock
  • Rear Suspension Brand Name:
    AXYS® RMK®
  • Rear Travel (in):
  • Rear Travel (mm):


  • Dry Weight (kg):
  • Dry Weight (lbs):
  • Engine Displacement to Weight (cc):
  • Fuel Capacity (gal):
  • Fuel Capacity (l):
  • Height (in):
  • Height (mm):
  • Length (ft):
  • Length (ft/ft):
  • Length (ft/in):
  • Length (in):
  • Length (mm):
  • Maximum Ski Stance (in):
  • Maximum Ski Stance (mm):
  • Minimum Ski Stance (in):
  • Minimum Ski Stance (mm):
  • Width (in):
  • Width (mm):


  • Clutch Brand:
    P-85 / TEAM
  • Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission):
  • Primary Drive (Rear Wheel):
  • Reverse:
  • Throttle Type:
  • Transmission Type:
    Continuously Variable (CVT)

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